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The questor need only attempt the act of devotion: he need not necessarily succeed in order to receive the Devotion Point award. What matters is that the questor throws his heart and soul into the act.

Minor Act: The gamemaster should award the character any time the questor uses his talents, questor powers, skills, or other abilities to further the cause of the Passion in any way. Though this reward may seem small, a questor who regularly performs minor acts of devotion in accordance with the Passion’s ideals and powers will accumulate Devotion Points quickly.

Major Act: The gamemaster should award the questor each time he performs an act of devotion that involves time or effort, but does not actually put him in any danger.

Zealous Act: The gamemaster should award the questor for performing an act of devotion that puts him at risk while personifying his patron Passion. This risk does not need to be physical. For example, a questor of Chorrolis, the Passion of trade, might risk a large sum of capital in a deal. If the risk could potentially break the questor’s influence and power, Chorrolis would take notice and reward the character. Questors of the Passion Thystonius, whose ideals embody the virtue of physical risk, must face almost certain death to receive this reward.

Devotion Point Award Table
Type of Act DevotionPoints
Minor Act 0–50
Major Act 50–100
Zealous Act 100+
Quest Special
Suma Punktów Wiary Maksymalny Poziom Głosiciela
200 2
300 3
500 4
800 5
1,300 6
2,100 7
3,400 8
5,500 9
8,900 10
14,400 11
23,300 12
37,700 13
61,000 14
98,700 15

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